Outdoor classroom

June 21, 2013
Students in Stephanie Kubik’s seventh-grade class at Canonsburg Middle School recently participated in the Riverton Redevelopment Project, a hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics program from the Outdoor Classroom in Boyce Mayview Park, Upper St. Clair that focuses on outdoor experiential learning. Students used GPS technology and geocaching to redevelop their fictional aging port of Riverton. Students were instructed on how to use the GPS receivers to locate hidden “cache” containers in the green space near their school. Funding for the school’s participation was provided by RiverWorks Discovery, CONSOL Energy Inc. and the Laurel Foundation. Learning to use GPS devices before beginning their exploration for the caches are, from left, Samantha Payne, Marah Slack, Katie Blanock and Lauren Hodges.



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