Beware of misleading billings

Beware of misleading billings

June 22, 2013

In May of 2013, Washington School District taxpayers received a bill from Keystone Collections Group for per capita tax. The bill seeks payment of the per capita tax for both 2012 and 2013, and contains language which implies that taxpayers had not previously been billed for the 2012 payment. Taxpayers should be aware that this information is incorrect.

Washington School District taxpayers were billed for the 2012 per capita tax in March 2012 by the Central Tax Bureau, also known as Centax, which was at that time acting as the school district’s agent for collection of per capita taxes.

Washington School District taxpayers should not be asked to pay the 2012 per capita tax twice. Indeed, I believe it is questionable whether the Washington School District has any legal basis for billing its taxpayers twice for the 2012 per capita tax.

I attended the school board meeting on June 3 to raise this issue. I asked the board to direct their agent, Keystone Collections Group, to mail out corrected per capita tax billings, and refund monies to those taxpayers who paid their 2012 per capita tax twice. I write to make taxpayers aware of the misleading billing by Keystone Collections Group, and to encourage taxpayers to review their 2012 tax records and bank statements to verify whether they have already paid the 2012 per capita tax before sending payment to Keystone Collections Group.

While I believe taxpayers have a responsibility to pay taxes they owe, I do not believe taxpayers should be taxed in a manner which is unfair or without a basis in law.

Joseph Thomas



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