Align school calendar with community

Align school calendar with community

June 22, 2013

I am concerned and object to the 2013-2014 school calendar in the Washington School District.

With the our children starting school Aug. 21 and ending the school year June 12, the Washington School District is starting more than a week earlier than neighboring schools and ending later. The children of the Washington School District are missing out on several opportunities to attend camps and other summer activities that are afforded to children of neighboring schools due to the early starting time and later ending time.

Our children are also missing out on the opportunities of spending time with children of other school districts. Also, many families take vacations during the third week of August, after sports are finished. With an early start, our children and youth are missing valuable family time. Many of our teens use the summer to work and earn money for clothes and college. It is unfair and wrong to take this time away from our youth.

The experiences they gain while working during this time help them to become productive adults in the community. I believe that the Washington School District should align their school calender with the norms of the larger community in which we live and work.

J.J. Ralston



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