Roads allowed to deteriorate

Roads allowed to deteriorate

June 22, 2013

After reading the article “Roads to ruin” in the May 30 edition of the Observer-Reporter, it prompted me to write this letter.

Neither Rick Shrum, the writer of the story, nor Joe Kirk, executive director of the Mon Valley Progress Council, mention how the roads got in this poor state. It is my opinion that some of our state representatives who had or have the power to prevent our roads and bridges from crumbling should have done just that. For years, state Sen. Barry Stout has received credit for building new roads and bridges, but didn’t take care of the existing ones. State Sen. Tim Solobay should also start doing something to stop these “roads to ruin.”

I built my home in 1963. I suppose if I didn’t do the necessary repairs over the last 50 years to keep my house in good condition, it would be a “house in ruin” very similar to the roads of ruin.

Should our leaders have taken notice of the fact we are referred to as the “pothole capital of the world,” that Pennsylvania has 5,000 structurally-deficient bridges, more than any other in the country? I say yes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

In closing, I would also urge voters to check what anyone who is running for office has done in the past.

Harry Sabatasse



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