Fee for paywall outrageous

Fee for paywall outrageous

June 22, 2013

I am upset that the only thing I can view on the Observer-Reporter’s online site is the home page and not much more without paying $8.60 per month.

I cannot even check full stories on obituaries to verify that a familiar name is the person that I think it is and not someone with same surname. I have checked the obituaries daily as I have been a home health therapist in Washington County since 1990, and want to at least be able to send a card to the family of a former patient. I do not want to send a card to someone with the same surname when my former patient or his family is not the deceased.

I do not understand why you are charging this outrageous fee for the basic stories and full obituaries. I can understand if you want to recoup dollars from folks who want the full want ads, and all other features of the paper version in digital. But the fee for the basics is unnecessary and very high.

I will not pay this fee and I will not guess and send out an incorrect sympathy card. My former patients will just have to think that I have forgotten them or don’t care.

Jill Moncilovich



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