Firsthand knowledge of cyberbullying

  • June 27, 2013

This is a reponse to the article “Cyberbullying becoming a cultural problem” on June 15.

I’m writing this letter although I haven’t been active on the Internet since the cyber-attacks by Rep. Jesse White. I thought long and hard about putting my name back out there but felt some things need to be cleared up.

This went way beyond people who disagreed and used fake names to attack each other. First of all, I never attacked Representative White. I debated him on his viewpoints, on articles he wrote, and when he wasn’t able to debate the issues with facts, he proceeded to use names to degrade people. He stated he did it because the industry attacked him. I’m not the industry. I’m a person you are supposed to represent.

We are not talking about a teenager. Mr. White is an attorney and our state representative and should be held to a higher standard. He stated he exercised his First Amendment rights. Freedom of speech also has responsibility and shouldn’t be used to attack the very people who put you in office just because they disagree with you. He took an oath to represent all the people in the 46th District, not just the ones who agree with him.

Janice Gibbs



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