The other side of shale

July 1, 2013

It is interesting that the Observer-Reporter publishes a monthly report on Marcellus Shale drilling that only focuses on the money and business side of gas drilling in Washington County. But since driller-paid advertisements fill the publication, that’s the money-side reality to this shale madness. Money talks.

It would be refreshing for the “crime and court”-focused Observer-Reporter to report further on the latest lawsuits and environmental issues related to fracking in the Energy Report, instead of just featuring “parrot talk” from local business chamber presidents who are hypnotized by the newfound money.

In the name of good journalism, I would suggest the Observer-Reporter include at least one “reality report” on water well contamination, badly affected families in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and more of the real news stories that run counter to all the dollar-oriented Marcellus Shale business news.

Bob Donnan



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