Work of Lee, library appreciated

July 2, 2013

As a resident of Peters Township for more than 30 years, I commend Pier Lee, the director of the Peters Township Library, and her efficient, helpful and friendly staff for the outstanding job they do on a daily basis.

My daughters have made trips home from the University of Pittsburgh to use our library. I have had the pleasure of watching the library grow. You can turn on your computer and learn from a Universal Class or become a student in a computer class. The opportunities to gain a base of knowledge for so many necessary skills are endless.

My son, Brennan, and I are weekly visitors to the library and never cease to be amazed. Lee has turned a maintenance garage into a castle in the space of 30 years. Her enthusiasm and hard work have been rewarded. We now have one of the finest libraries in Pennsylvania and the entire nation. Her staff are always cordial and friendly, especially to my son, who has Down syndrome.

I hope the residents of Peters Township and Washington County appreciate the hard work of reorganizing the entire library. Those who find time to complain, might consider volunteering to make the job easier.

Lois Reich



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