Bidding a fond farewell to WKZV

July 2, 2013

Kudos to Brad Hundt and his excellent article in May on the closure of an important piece of Washington County history, the AM country radio station WKZV.

There are few who will remember when this little station signed on the air in 1970 as WKEG, at a time when FM radio was starting to gain momentum. Like many other stations of its ilk, it gave birth to the careers of many Pittsburgh broadcasters.

And other stations like it along the Mon-Yough corridor have also faded into the sunset, such as WCVI, WASP, WESA and WSTV. These stations all had a unique character that made them special in the minds of their listeners. WKZV was certainly no exception. They chose to zig while the others zagged.

The reality is that there are too many stations on the dial now, and with the shrinking population numbers we’ve experienced in the last decade, it’s time to bid these stations a fond farewell.

I applaud Washington’s WJPA, my former employer, for its continued excellence in providing a great example of local radio to the people of Washington County.

Ken Hawk


Bidding a fond farewell to WKZV


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