Woman arrested for attempting to furnish drug-free urine

July 5, 2013

A Waynesburg woman charged with selling heroin – whose case was held in abeyance last month pending her treatment for drug addiction – was arrested Wednesday for allegedly attempting to furnish drug-free urine to a probation officer.

Sarah Renee Denzer, 20, of 437 Race St., was arrested at 12:15 p.m., after she allegedly provided a urine sample to a probation officer for a test to determine if she was using illegal drugs, Waynesburg police said.

Denzer provided a urine sample at the probation office that tested positive for opiate use, police said. Denzer was searched and a small bottle was found in her possession.

Denzer denied the bottle contained clean urine and was asked to provide a second urine sample. The second sample tested positive for opiates and oxycontin use, police said. Denzer later admitted she had used the bottle to bring what she thought was a clean urine sample to the probation office for testing, police said.

Denzer’s case was ordered held in abeyance last month while she received treatment for drug addiction. The action was taken under a provision of the crimes code allowing for disposition in lieu of trial.

Denzer is charged with delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was arrested after selling 10 stamp bags of heroin to an undercover detective March 11, 2011.

Under the law, a person charged with a nonviolent crime who claims to be drug dependent can, prior to trial, request appropriate treatment in lieu of prosecution.

A physician is then appointed to examine and review the defendant’s records and recommend whether it would be preferable for the defendant’s rehabilitation for charges to be held in abeyance in order to institute treatment.

The court found Denzer had sought appropriate medical treatment for addiction, the disposition was consistent with the forensic psychiatric evaluation prepared by the physician and was recommended by the district attorney.

Denzer was ordered to remain under supervision of the probation office for five years and provide all the necessary documents supporting her continued care and abide by all the recommended treatments.



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