Visitors not welcome down ‘South’

July 6, 2013

After two recent trips into Washington, I felt the need to vent by writing this letter. The “City” should put up a sign saying that people are not welcome in the “City,” that the “City” does not want nor need your business. You are not welcome to park on the streets, that is if you can find a parking place, especially South Street, a street that is permit parking only. And the only people who are allowed to get a permit are residents.

There are four to five houses on that street. The Washington Arts and Cultural Center was not included in the purchase of a permit, because it is a business. You can only park in their drive.

The “City” also made one side of South a “loading only” zone, so no one is allowed to park on that side. Those that are in power should get out more. The most prosperous cities are those without meters.

Robyn Miller

Beaver Falls


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