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  • July 7, 2013

Numerous people appeared recently in Washington County Court on criminal charges. Appearing before Judge Edward Borkowski were:

Carl S. Ordnoff, 44, of 292 Jensen Hollow Road, Carmichaels; second offense of driving under the influence of alcohol; charged Sept. 12; sentence – 6 months home monitoring with the first 90 days on SCRAM with work release, $1,500 fine, 18-month license suspension.

Sean E. Wright, 40, of 61 Burton Ave., Apt. 3, Washington; DUI, criminal mischief; charged Sept. 8 and Aug. 26; sentence – 3 to 6 days in jail, 1 year probation, $1,346 in restitution, $1,500 fine, 12-month license suspension, no contact with victim.

Henry B. Neil, 35, of Dunlevy; simple assault; charged Nov. 20; sentence – 6 months of probation, no contact with victim

Katie E. Brenner, 31, of 639 Bower Hill Road, Venetia; DUI; charged Aug. 30; sentence – 30 days to 12 months in jail with the first 30 days on home monitoring, $1,000 fine, 12-month license suspension.

Donald W. Grant, 24, of 435 Cross St., Brownsville; fleeing and eluding; charged Nov. 22; sentence – 3 to 23 months on home monitoring with work release, $1,500 fine.

Ryan M. Zeigler, 28, of 340 Hancock St., Apt. 340, Washington; theft; charged Nov. 21; sentence – 23 months of probation.

Jay R. Stevens, 35, of 313 Coal St., McDonald; possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence; charged March 13; sentence – 18 months of probation

Michele Denillo, 45, of 126 Charties St., Strabane; DUI; charged Jan. 15; sentence – 30 to 60 days on home monitoring, $1,500 fine.

Jimmy Woods, no age available, 703 Sixth St., Marianna; terroristic threats; charged Jan. 10; sentence – 6 months of probation, no contact with victim.

Christine A. Oxley, 48, 902 Chartiers St., Washington; three counts of possession with intent to deliver; charged Feb. 14, June 18 and June 29, 2012; sentence – 12 to 24 months in a state prison, followed by 4 years of probation.

Zachary Greyshock, 22, of 308 Crest Ave., Charleroi; theft, receiving stolen property; charged Feb. 12; sentence – 46 days to 23 months in jail, no contact with victim.

Jeremy L. Carr, 29, of 123 Main St., New Eagle; simple assault; charged Dec. 28; sentence – 12 months of probation, community service in lieu of court fees, no contact with victim.

Scott Fonner, 48, of 719 Old Brick Road, West Alexander; disorderly conduct; charged Sept. 4, 2002; sentence – $300 fine.

Stacy A. Harding, 29, of 91 Main St., Hickory; disorderly conduct; charged March 9, 2012; sentence – $300 fine.

Several people were admitted to the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program for first offenders. If they successfully complete the program, they can petition the court to have their records expunged.

Allan Lomax, 63, of 1420 Harrison St., Monessen, was admitted for 6 months for simple assault, charged Feb. 18.

Joseph D. Vincent, 27, of 100 First St., Jefferson, was admitted for 12 months for theft by deception; charged Sept. 30.

Craig Fry, 25, of 110 Windermere Court, McMurray, was admitted for 12 months for DUI.

Appearing before Judge Katherine Emery were:

Brad Behanna II, 19, of 866 Route 481, Monongahela; criminal trespass, attempted theft; charged April 23; sentence – 1 to 18 months in jail, 100 hours of community service, no contact with victim.

Jeremy McClain, 24, of 355 Allison Ave., Washington; possession of a small amount of marijuana; charged Aug. 9; placed in the Probation Without Verdict program for 30 days, $25 fine.

Alvin J. Owens Jr., 54, of 117 Maple Terrace View, Washington; second offense of DUI, driving with a suspended license; sentence – 120 days to 6 months jail, $1,750 fine, 12-month license suspension

Rachael Pellick, 26, of 221 S. California Drive, Coal Center; disorderly conduct; charged Aug. 3; sentence – $300 fine.

Kelly J. Cooper, 33, of 653 Mingo Park Estates, Finleyville; defiant trespass; charged Sept. 20; sentence – $300 fine.

John W. Cruse II, 26, of 422 Holland Ave., Westover, W.Va; involuntary manslaughter, reckless driving, driving at an unsafe speed; charged March 4, 2011; sentence – 3 to 23 months in jail with work release, $225 fine, 6-month license suspension, $17,000 restitution.

Donald L. Wright, 53, of 529 McGovern Road, Houston; disorderly conduct, harassment; charged Nov. 7; sentence – $300 fine.

Erika N. Coombs, 23, of 1216 Hillcrest Ave., Monessen; possession of drug paraphernalia; charged Oct. 13; placed in the Probation Without Verdict program for 12 months.

Carlos D. Evans, 33, of 17 W. Chestnut St., Apt. B, Washington; possession with intent to deliver; charged March 15; sentence – 24 to 48 months of probation.

Glenn A. Gauthier Jr., 33, of 8 Leasure Way, Cecil; second offense of DUI, two counts of simple assault, two counts of corruption of a minor; charged April 14, 2012, and Jan. 18; sentence – 11 1/2 to 23 months in jail with work release, $1,750 fine, 12-month license suspension.

George L. Montgomery, 18, of 410 10th St., Charleroi; three counts of corruption, furnishing liquor to minors, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of justice; charged Oct. 10, Oct. 12 and Dec. 16; sentence – 5 1/2 to 23 months in jail, $100 fine, 12 months of probation, no contact with the victim or family.

Appearing before Judge John DiSalle were:

Jesse A. Charnik, 23, of 208 Singer Ave., McKees Rocks; receiving stolen property; charged July 20; sentence – 18 months of probation, $450 restitution.

Halee Amanda Taylor, 26, Applewood Drive, New Eagle; corruption of minors, indecent assault; charged June 7, 2012; sentence – 1 year of probation.

Admitted to the ARD program for 12 months for first offenses of DUI were:

Thomas M. Rebar, 42, of 914 Arthur Ave., Roscoe; Penny Garcia-Naylor, 53, of 53 Willow Drive, Monessen; Nicholas T. Harrison, 18, of 1027 Forest Lane Drive, Canonsburg; Frank T. Wright Jr., 46, of 303 Poplar Lane, Oakdale; Rosemary Paletta, 49, of 1 Community St., Vestaburg, and David J. Hooper, 25, of 1016 Furlong Ave., Roscoe.


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