Sears Service Center razed

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McMURRAY – The Sears Service Center building on Washington Road in Peters Township is no more. The service center closed more than a year ago, and since then the building remained vacant.

Demolition began earlier this week to clear the site, and other than knowing Bowser Cadillac purchased the property in October, the township has no clue as to how the site will be developed.

According to Ed Zuk, the township’s planning director, Bowser obtained a demolition permit. However, no site plan has been submitted to the planning commission. Zuk said he understands a site plan is being prepared and stressed that because the property is in an area zoned C-2 commercial, township council will not be required to take any action on the final plans. Car dealerships are permitted in areas zoned C-2.

If the site is developed as a car dealership, and there is no indication it will not be, Bowser Cadillac would be the ninth car dealership in the township along Washington Road between Donaldsons Crossroads and the Upper St. Clair Township and Allegheny County lines.

Zuk said the process will begin when Bowser submits the site plan to the planning commission. Once that is done, property owners within a 600-foot radius of the site will be notified that a plan has been submitted and be informed the plans are available for review in the municipal building. Property owners will be notified when the planning commission will discuss the plan at its meeting.

Because of the zoning, council will not act on the request, and an approval will be given only by the planning commission, Zuk said.

Once the planning commission approval is granted, the next step is the issuance of a building permit. Then site development can begin.

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