Mourners seek justice

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Dozens of flowers, photos, a Superman statue – these are the mementos that mark the place where Vincent M. Kelley’s life ended one month ago. Kelley’s immediate family held a vigil at Giant Eagle in Strabane Square Tuesday evening to recognize the anniversary of Kelley’s June 16 death.

Kelley, 46, of Washington, was fatally shot when he attempted to stop an armed man who robbed the Citizens Bank located inside the grocery store. The investigation is still under way, but no suspects have been identified.

More than a dozen of Kelley’s relatives joined hands and gathered around a shopping cart outside the store filled with stuffed animals and a photo collage of Kelley.

Kelley’s sister-in-law, Rebecca Kelley, led a prayer and asked God to “please help us bring justice.”

Linda Lucas, Kelley’s sister, said the vigil was important to the family because it helps them cope while a suspect is still on the loose.

“We want people to know that we’re not going to forget about it,” Lucas said. “We’ll be out here every month until it’s taken care of.”

Kelley’s brother, Mark Kelley, wore a red shirt with “Mystro,” Kelley’s nickname, printed across the back. MarkKelley said he comes at least twice a week to the spot where his brother died.

“He was a great guy. He was my hero,” Kelley said. “He looked out for everyone he met. He promoted love.”

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