Central Greene approves curriculum additions

July 17, 2013

WAYNESBURG – The Central Greene School Board approved a comprehensive literacy program for students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade on Tuesday. Annette Vietmeier, Director of Curriculum/Instruction and Technology, said the program was built with the input of the instructional staff.

“It was a requirement for year one of the Keystone Opportunities Grant. Keystone for Opportunities is the foundation for literacy instruction in the Central Greene School District,” Vietmeir said. “This is reflective in the local literacy plan for the district. The local literacy plan is how we approach literacy in our schools and our community in Pre-K through 12th grade.”

The board also approved a common core writing curriculum, “The Units of Study,” by Lucy Calkins for kindergarten through fifth grade. Vietmeier said the students in those grades are already excelling in writing and this curriculum would increase the rigor and supplement some of the things that are already being done in the district.

In other matters, the board granted a maternity leave for Waynesburg elementary teacher, Angela Taylor from Aug. 26 to on or about Nov. 18. A maternity leave for Waynesburg elementary teacher, Amy Taylor was approved from Sept. 3 to on or about Oct. 14.

A transfer from personal care aid to the vacant special education instructional aid position at the elementary school was approved for Stacy Lemley. Other transfers approved were; Charlene Greidel from a part-time security position at the high school to a vacant full-time afternoon custodial position at the elementary, and Lavonne Warr from her current midnight janitor shift position at the high school to a vacant one there.

The board accepted the recommendation to recall two furloughed employees; Andrea Redding, library/guidance secretary at Margaret Bell Miller Middle School and Amanda Yost, a $4.25 per hour cashier at the elementary and high school.

Rachael Corfont was approved by the board as the assistant 7th and 8th grade girls soccer coach.

The board approved a list of volunteer instrumental instructors for the high school and middle school bands, pending clearances. Board members John Bristor and Kevin Barnhart voted against the motion. Barnhart clarified that he wished to see more accountability before volunteers and others are approved to work with students. Board member Andrew Corfont suggested that clearances be obtained before names are added to the agenda for board approval.

Barnhart voted against a motion to approve an internship for Hannah Slanina as an occupational therapist intern under the supervision of Meghan Millinovich at the elementary school citing the same concern. The internship was approved by a vote of 7 to 1.

In a separate matter, the board approved an hourly wage increase of .30 cents for Renee Baker, part-time dental hygienist in the district for the 2013-14 school year. The increase would bring Baker’s hourly rate to $19.65.

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