The “Everyone wins” plan

July 17, 2013

To prevent closure of the Hatfield and Mitchell power plants and loss of quality jobs:

1. The federal government should grant tax credits for the environmental upgrades of the two power plants as was done with other corporations. The credits must be used exclusively on air pollution engineering, equipment and installation. First Energy and West Penn Power’s recent pollution control investments, totaling more than a half-billion dollars, have demonstrated good faith efforts. The federal government would recoup the revenue in income taxes from the plant workers’ continued employment; plus, the federal government would avoid paying unemployment benefits to hundreds or thousands of laid-off workers.

2. Everyone benefits from cleaner air since the company achieves EPA compliance.

3. Workers keep their jobs at the Hatfield and Mitchell plants and at ancillary businesses, such as�coal miners and truckers.

4. The economy wouldn’t be negatively impacted and would continue to recover.

5. All levels of local government and the state would benefit by the ongoing receipt of taxes, rather losing thousands of dollars in real estate, income and other taxes.

Seems to me that under this scenario, everyone wins.

Bob Logue


The “Everyone wins” plan


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