Bill information inaccurate, misleading

July 18, 2013

In June 2013, I attended a meeting of Washington School Board to object to an improper effort by Keystone Collections Group, as per capita tax agent for Washington School District, to collect the 2012 per capita tax from school district taxpayers a second time. I asked the school board to direct Keystone Collections Group to mail corrected per capita tax notices containing accurate information about the previous billing for 2012 per capita tax by Centax, the former per capita tax collection agent.

On Wednesday, I received a mailing from Keystone Collections Group. I had hoped this would be the corrected per capita tax billing. It was not.

Instead, it was a duplicate copy of the previous billing containing the same inaccurate and misleading information which leaves the reader of the tax notice with the impression that per capita tax bills were not mailed out in 2012.

I am unsure why I received this notice, since Keystone Collections Group has already received and cashed my $10 check for the 2013 per capita tax and Centax had previously received and cashed in 2012 my $10 check for the 2012 per capita tax.

The fact that Keystone Collections Group has wasted the time, paper, envelopes and postage to send me (and undoubtedly other Washington School District taxpayers) a second billing for a $10 tax I have already paid, demonstrates that the supposed efficiency and economizing achieved by privatizing government services is not always assured.

I encourage all Washington School District taxpayers to join with me in resisting the improper, and, I contend, illegal, effort by Keystone Collections Group, as the agent for Washington School District, to impose and collect the 2012 per capita tax a second time.

Joseph Thomas



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