Obama not trying to undermine Americans

July 18, 2013

In a letter to the editor that appeared Tuesday about the closing of the coal-fired Mitchell and Hatfield Ferry power generating plants, Wib Caldwell wrote that it represented “another effort by the Obama administration and the EPA to force economic hardship on the citizens of this country.”


It amazes me that many of the same people who fret about leaving “our children” with unsustainable debt seem to have no problem leaving them an uninhabitable planet. Ask a member of any ecological organization, such as the Sierra Club, if we should dilly-dally around fossil fuels one day longer.

But, I’m not writing about climate change. This president, like every president before him, is far from perfect. As someone who leans hard left, I have a much longer and more specific list of grievances than conservative friends whose gripes begin and end with, “He’s a socialist.” But accusations that he’s trying to “force economic hardship on citizens,” implies motivation to harm Americans and are ridiculous at best. I’m the first one to refer to President George W. Bush as an empty-headed buffoon, but I don’t believe the motivation behind his disastrous economic and military decisions was anything other than his belief they would do more good than harm – certainly not “harm citizens” by wiping out retirement funds, burying the country in debt and sending thousands of young Americans to their deaths.

Caldwell isn’t the first to make these accusations, but although I recall complaints about every president, President Obama is the first to be accused of intentionally undermining this country and its citizens. There’s something about him that inspires this kind of rhetoric. I wonder: What could it be?

Don DeAngelis


Obama not trying to undermine Americans


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