Mayor takes on Coleman Scott in Rain Day hat bet

July 19, 2013
Olympic bronze medalist Coleman Scott has made the Rain Day hat bet with Waynesburg Mayor Duncan Berryman.

WAYNESBURG – The new mayor of Waynesburg took a big chance when he made the annual Rain Day hat bet this year with a person who is not accustomed to losing.

Duncan Berryman, who was appointed mayor in February and is now unopposed for the position after receiving the Democratic nomination in May, has bet a hat with Olympic bronze medalist Coleman Scott that it will rain on Rain Day.

Traditionally, the mayor of Waynesburg and a local or national celebrity wager headwear over whether it will rain or not July 29. As little as a brief sprinkle will count.

Berryman said he made the bet with Scott because Scott is familiar with Rain Day and the Rain Day tradition but primarily because “He’s an Olympic medalist and a local hero.”

The wager is always “friendly. That’s the fun of it,” Berryman said. “And I’m sure Coleman wants to be a part of it and have his name included on the list of celebrities who have made Rain Day hat bets.”

Scott, of course, is betting there will be no rain on Rain Day.

“I hope so,” he said, when reached Friday at his home in Stillwater, Okla., where he trains and coaches wrestling at Oklahoma State. “I’m a pretty competitive guy, and I don’t like losing at anything,” he said.

Though “deep down, I don’t like to lose,” Scott said, he will not be too disappointed if it does rain, it being Rain Day. He understands the odds are not in his favor. “But I like being the underdog,” he said.

It would seem Berryman holds the advantage in this wager. It has rained on Rain Day 113 out 138 years the event has been observed, according to the Rain Day official records.

It should be noted, however, it didn’t rain last July 29 and with the changing weather patterns that may indicate the start of a trend. And Scott’s record of winning is impressive.

Scott, a son of Jamie and Mary Scott, amassed an 156-12 record while at Waynesburg Central High School.

He was a four-time Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League Champion and a three-time Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association champion in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

At Oklahoma State, Scott became a four-time All-American and won the NCAA title.

Scott had to earn a spot on the Olympic team. He won his weight class in the Olympic Trials, but because two of the top competitors at that weight did not compete, Scott did not automatically earn a spot on the Olympic team.

Scott had to win a wrestle-off, which was held in Times Square in New York City. He beat both wrestlers to secure his spot on the Olympic team.

Scott won a bronze medal in the 60k (132 pounds) freestyle competition in the London Olympics last summer. He became the first Olympic medal winner from Greene County.

Bob Niedbala worked as a general assignment reporter for the newspaper for 27 years in the Greene County bureau. He received a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Pittsburgh.

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