Support Pony League World Series

July 20, 2013

Having had the privilege of serving as a police officer and, subsequently, chief of police for South Strabane Township for nearly 40 years, I have come to realize the need to be involved in the community and with its young people. I have found no better way for positive contact than through youth sports.

One way to accomplish this is the Pony League World Series. The event has come to a crossroads as to its financial feasibility and desire of the community to keep the tournament in Washington.

Volunteers of the sponsoring organization, World Series Tournaments, Inc., believe it to be a valuable community asset and have pledged to make every effort to retain this tradition. To make the series more financially stable, we have streamlined the number of days and called on the business community for increased support. I am pleased to say that many people have responded favorably.

That brings us to the support of the community, which is greatly needed to make this series a success. We conduct an event that showcases talented young baseball players. The community needs to show why Pony teams throughout the country and the world strive to come to Washington from Aug. 9-14.

Donald M. Zofchak

South Strabane Township

Zofchak is the chief of police in South Strabane Township.


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