Stop “disenfranchised” malarkey

July 20, 2013

This letter to the editor is in response to the editorial in the Wednesday Observer-Reporter, “State voter ID law should be overturned.”

I was curious how the “disenfranchised,” as you call them, are able to open a bank account, use a credit card, drive, cash a check, get on an airplane, buy alcohol, cigarettes or guns, get married, apply for welfare, food stamps and Medicare, get something notarized, rent a car, apply for a hunting or fishing license, serve on a jury, apply for permission to have a protest, have surgery, receive medication or walk into a Costco.

Seriously, all of this “disenfranchise” malarkey has got to stop. How does anyone get through everyday life without proper ID? To try to get through life without one is irresponsible and, quite frankly, very difficult. So enough about these “disenfranchised” people who are unable to vote. If they don’t have a proper ID, being able to vote is the least of their worries.

If you don’t think voter fraud is an issue in this country, then you obviously did not read the newspaper or watch the news on or after Election Day.

Carrie Totterdale


Stop “disenfranchised” malarkey


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