Stick it to the librarians

July 23, 2013
Bowlby Public Library is gearing up for a “sticky” fundraiser Aug. 16. If enough duct tape is purchased by members of the community, three librarians literally will be taped to the wall. Anticipating the worst are Kathy McClure, center, executive director; Diana Moninger, left, family literacy coordinator; and Kerry McClure, children’s director.

WAYNESBURG – Have you ever felt like you have paid too many overdue fines to the library?

Did you ever wish you could just duct tape the librarian to a wall for shushing you or telling you a book had not been returned, or a fine had not yet been paid? Well, the Eva K. Bowlby Public Library is giving you the opportunity to “Stick It to Your Librarians!”

This summer the Bowlby Public Library is giving you the opportunity to dig into your pockets and buy some duct tape to see your local librarian stuck to a wall.

This fundraiser allows patrons to purchase one yard of duct tape for only $1, or six strips of duct tape for only $5. A special donation of $5 on the day of the event, Aug. 16, will allow you to apply a strip of duct tape to your favorite librarian!

Here’s the challenge: If $200 is raised, Diana Moninger, the family literacy coordinator, will be taped to a wall. If $400 is raised, then Kerry McClure, the children’s director, will be taped to a wall right next to Moninger. If $600 is raised by the community, then Kathy McClure, the executive director, will also be taped to the wall.

It’s going to be quite a sticky situation for the Bowlby librarians come Aug. 16.



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