Church should be allowed to stay in mall

Church should be allowed to stay in mall

July 27, 2013

Having read the article on July 18, “End of Crown Center lease a loss for Victory Church,”� I was disappointed to read the response from the Crown Center managers. When asked why the mall would not renew the lease, Heather Crowell, the vice president of corporate communications and investor relations, called it a �business decision� and said there is �a lot of retail interest� in the space that Victory Church assumed from KB Toys, next to Kay Jewelers. “We certainly empathize with their situation,”� Crowell said. “There is no ill will. They were a good tenant. We just had a business decision to make.”�

If the church was a good tenant, what other factors would contribute to a �business decision� to not allow the church to stay? There are other open spots in the mall that were not offered if the church wanted to move. They did not make an offer to let the church stay at a higher rental rate. So what is left? Based on her response, one has to assume that the business managers of the mall feel as though the church being in the mall hurt their earnings, and they simply do not want a church on the property.

It is sad to see this mindset in our small town. In my opinion, the church should be the primary and permanent tenant and all the other stores should be the ones wondering if they get to stay. I guess that I have to make a business decision on where I shop.

Bill Ross



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