Just enough rain falls in Waynesburg

  • By Tara Kinsell July 29, 2013
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Tara Kinsell / Observer-Reporter
Physical comedian Howard Mincon gets in some juggling practice with Braxton McCollum of Waynesburg during the Rain Day festivities. Order a Print
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Jackson Gardener and Don Pruse share the stage at Rain Day. Order a Print
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The skies above Waynesburg turned dark and dropped enough rain in the afternoon for it to go down in the record books. Order a Print
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A trio of Ginny McClelland Dancers played up a baseball theme to Trace Adkins, “Swing Batter.” Order a Print
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Emily Rochniak, 4, of Bridgeport, Conn. took part in the hula hoop contest while killing time waiting for Brynn Marie to take the stage. Order a Print
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Waynesburg Borough police officer Tom Ankrom sang for the crowd at Rain Day. Order a Print
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2013 Miss Rain Day Stephanie Mitchell takes a moment to pose with a young fan, Kennedy Martin, 2, of Carmichaels. Order a Print
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Tara Kinsell / Observer-Reporter
First place umbrella contest winner “If All the Raindrops Were Sugarplums and Gumdrops” is shown off by its creators Jacob Deems, Abbi Davis, Gracie Wunder and Brandon McCann. Second place winner was “Drops of Jupiter” Central Park Playground Damean Davis, Jonathan Davis, Seth Ealy, and Shane Ealy. The third place winner was “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” by Kory Taylor. Order a Print
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Tara Kinsell / Observer-Reporter
Kaitlin Pester of the Ginny McClelland Dance Studio did a solo Jazz performance to “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” Order a Print

WAYNESBURG – It only takes a drop in the borough of Waynesburg to make it official and at 3:42 p.m., Mayor Duncan Berryman got a little more than that. Berryman, who had gone home for a few moments during the afternoon, said he felt the drops and rushed back into the downtown area to confirm what he felt.

“I’m thrilled because I felt the rain myself. I was concerned because I only felt a few drops and I wanted to come down and tell everybody. A few others said they felt it, too,” Berryman said. “I’m very confident that it did fall.”

Berryman said he will be happy to make the call to Waynesburg native and Olympic medalist Coleman Scott, letting him know it did indeed rain on the 139th Rain Day celebration.

Despite falling on a weekday this year, the streets were busy throughout the day and got even busier as Greene County and Carmichaels’ native Brynn Marie took the stage to headline the event.

Among those waiting in anticipation of her arrival was a family of five from Connecticut. They weren’t from Greene County and had no connections to it other than Brynn’s music which they heard for the first time at a Pat Benatar concert last fall. They said they “fell in love with her and her music,” and Rain Day would make the third time they have seen her perform.

Heading back out on tour to Aspen, Colo., in five days with Benatar, she paid tribute to the ’80s icon singing the duet they perform in concert, “We Belong.” It was the song her Connecticut contingency was hoping to hear.

Like the pied piper, Brynn drew dozens of young girls with stars in their eyes to the edge of the stage for her 90-minute performance. Among the tunes she sang was a tribute to the Rain Day event in the form of the classic, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” With guitarist Josh Roberts, she harmonized and worked the crowd, even performing music by Adele.

It was Brynn’s yet-to-be released, “Woman Like That,” that stood out the most as one with hit potential. In the vein of songs like Carrie Underwood’s, “Before He Cheats,” the lyrics have an anthem-like feel as she sings, “most men would die for a woman like that.”

It was another Carmichaels’ girl who also claimed the spotlight for the day, 16-year-old Stephanie Mitchell, who was crowned Miss Rain Day Sunday evening. Mitchell also holds the current Miss Riverfest title.

Mitchell said she was “overwhelmed” when she learned she had claimed top interview, top sportswear and top evening gown. She was also the winner of the Kelly Smotzer Award.

“I am just so honored and excited to have won. I’ve been coming to Rain Day ever since I was in grade school and I always hoped to one day be Miss Rain Day,” Mitchell said. “It is even more fantastic that it rained on Rain Day this year.”

Among the winners of the other Rain Day competitions were the Rain Day Window Decorating Contest champions, Waynesburg Gold and Coin Electronics, first place; McCracken Pharmacy, second place; and Our Glass Creations, third place.

The 2013 Baby Rain Day Prince and Princess are Parker Bland, son of Todd Bland and Tiffany Stansberry of Waynesburg, and Arianna Rose Rutan, daughter of Logan and Melissa Rutan of Waynesburg.

The 2013 Baby Rain Day King and Queen are Corbin Rice, son of Stanley Rice III and Jennifer Rice of Holbrook, and Addison Teagarden, daughter of Christopher and Coletta Teagarden of Clarksville.

The Jack McCracken Award for 2013 went to Cathie Carpenter of Waynesburg. The award is given to someone who shares the traits McCracken was known for as a humanitarian, civic leader, role model and one who served God, family and community with integrity and an open heart.

Tara Kinsell started her career in journalism with the National Geographic Insider Magazine and the Gaithersburg Gazette Newspaper in Montgomery County, Md. Tara has written and photographed sports, features and news stories for the Herald Standard, Greene County Messenger and Albert Gallatin Weekly. She holds degrees in journalism and graphic design from Waynesburg College, now Waynesburg University, and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, respectively.


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