The impression of impropriety

The impression of impropriety

August 14, 2013

In the July 29 edition of the newspaper, S. Timothy Warco II waxed eloquently about his sister-in-law, Megan Marsteller, being promoted by his father, Coroner Timothy Warco, to chief assistant in the Washington County coroner’s office.

One point of Warco’s letter was to portray Marsteller in a sympathetic light, having made some poor choices in her past while, at the same time, trying to work towards redemption and a better future. He mentioned the need for second chances. I believe in second chances, when one is striving to move in a more positive direction. However, Coroner Warco’s first responsibility, as director, is the proper running of his office. Hiring relatives gives the impression of impropriety and dilutes the trust the public needs to have in their elected officials. It is surprising that in this time of increased scrutiny of public officials, Warco would think this an appropriate decision.

The Warco family is deeply involved in the community. Surely, Marsteller could have been guided, via the Warcos’ community contacts, in ways to help her continue on the path of rebuilding her life without involving the coroner’s office. Engaging the community for direction could have led to a win-win outcome: Marsteller making contact with individuals and programs who would support her in her efforts, and a coroner’s office that is perceived to be run in an ethical manner, rather than one that succumbs to the temptation of hiring family members.

Shirley Lazorchak



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