Blystone transfer ruling upheld by PIAA

August 14, 2013

A PIAA appeals board sided with the WPIAL Board of Control Wednesday afternoon, ultimately ruling that junior Zach Blystone’s transfer from Charleroi to Washington High School had at least some measure of “athletic intent.”

“We pursued this because we thought there was athletic intent,” said Charleroi athletic director Bill Wiltz, who attended the two-hour hearing at the PIAA offices in Mechanicsburg. “I think we proved our point.”

Blystone, a 6-3, 265-pound lineman, was ruled ineligible by the WPIAL Aug. 5.

The family appealed and was granted a hearing that started around 2:10 p.m. yesterday, Wiltz said.

Washington football coach Mike Bosnic, who accompanied Blystone and his family on the trip, declined to reveal why Blystone thought he should remain eligible, citing possible legal action.

This much was for sure: The ruling came as a shock to Blystone and Co.

“We actually thought it went really well, that we refuted any point they had,” Bosnic said. “A lot of things we don’t understand. We felt it was very unfair, and we’re not going to give up the fight.”

Wiltz said he didn’t stick around to hear how the vote fell or how many votes were cast, instead choosing to be notified by phone.

“I have no idea what the vote was,” Wiltz said. “I was just informed by the executive director that they upheld the WPIAL ruling.”

Bosnic said the decision was unanimous.

“We’re not sure what the reasons were for the decision,” Bosnic said. “We thought the hearing went well. We’re shocked. Looking to see what can be done next.”



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