Tommy Moose Awareness Day

August 16, 2013

Lodge holds Tommy Moose Awareness

Washington Moose Lodge 22 Family Center recently held Tommy Moose Awareness Day.

The Tommy Moose program helps children overcome fears and anxiety during times of stress. Tommy Moose plush dolls have been donated to law enforcement, fire and other emergency workers, who will give them to children experiencing traumatic situations.

In addition, the Tommy Moose character has grown to personify happiness, safety and security through personal appearances, books and on children’s items.

Among those who attended were Bill Ross and Frank Winters, governor and district president, respectively, of Washington Moose 22; Dave Bane and Jerry Frazee of North Franklin Volunteer Fire Department; Officer Caleb Arrison, North Franklin Police Department; Patrolman Peter Jaskiewicz, Washington police; state police Trooper Robin Mungo; and Melvin Johnson, Dave Gump, Jared LaBella and John F. Clemens IV of Canton Township VFW.



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