Discipline a part of family values

August 17, 2013

I am writing in regard to the letter, “Bring Back Family Values” by Paula Britt, which appeared in last Sunday’s edition of the Observer-Reporter.

I agree with Britt, but I lack a solution as to how to bring back “family values.”

Years ago, community discipline was a major element of family values. Family values were removed from our society during the 1960s and 1970s by the judiciary under the guise of individual freedom. Years ago, the poet Robert Frost expressed his opinion that all societies needed an element of discipline. The communities where I grew up had discipline. Every adult had not only the right but also the obligation to watch over the community’s young people. If your conduct was not acceptable, an adult would provide corrective measures, which could include a whack or two. You scurried home to find an informed parent waiting to administer another whacking because you had been found guilty of a social infraction by a respected member of the community. Conforming to the requirements of community discipline was learned at an early age.

My communities were safe and a child could play, during the day or after dark, without fear.

Today, social discipline is nonexistent. You dare not correct a young person for fear of litigation. Spank a grandchild and your name is placed on the same “watch list” with sexual predators.

Currently, teachers are prohibited from utilizing any kind of verbal and physical force to impose discipline in the classroom. I was sent to school for one purpose – to learn! If I caused any classroom disruption, the teacher provided corrective action immediately. Then my worries were concentrated on what would mom and dad do when they found out about my infraction.

Clarence Spicer



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