Hats off to those caring for stray, abandoned animals

August 17, 2013

Regardless of the Observer-Reporter advising people not to use the phrase, “Pets, free to good home,” many choose to ignore the warning and continue to say that in advertisements. In doing so they put these animals at risk, especially if someone takes an entire litter of kittens to sell for laboratory experiments or to someone as feed for a more exotic animal. These are not “good home” options. Asking for a donation of at least $10 will discourage these callous buyers and anyone willing to care for a cat that is not their own deserves a fee for their care.

Anyone who is willing to care for stray and abandoned animals should be commended. Please consider asking for a small donation when adopting out and try to get the mother of the pets fixed. Think of all the lives you’ll save in the future and the stress that you will free yourself of as well.

Anita Biers


Hats off to those caring for stray, abandoned animals


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