A bypass needed in Greene

A bypass needed in Greene

August 19, 2013

The Aug. 13 letter to the editor written by Mary Beth Pastorious, “Hope for Waynesburg revitalization,” is yet another in a long, long series of futile diatribes regarding the revitalization of Waynesburg.

The letter specifically addresses the planned resurrection of the long-vacated and blighted old county office building. Let’s be honest here – remodeling that old relic into an apartment building will do virtually nothing to revitalize our chronically dismal socioeconomic status. What is needed has been recognized, identified, covertly opposed and soundly defeated for about 100 years. What is needed is a bypass of U.S. Route 19 and State Route 21 to get around the horse-and-buggy era traffic grid of Waynesburg and Morrisville.

Is there any hope that the “nattering nabobs of negativism,” to quote former Vice President Spiro Agnew, will ever wise up?

Paul Lagojda

Cumberland Township


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