A plan to collect back taxes

A plan to collect back taxes

August 24, 2013

I found it interesting that, on the day the Observer-Reporter reported on Washington County entering into an agreement to reassess our property taxes, there was an insert showing all those who have failed to pay the existing property taxes. Some of these individuals owed over $5,000 in back taxes.

There needs to be a quicker way of obtaining these funds that go to each municipality and school district. I suggest two possible means: Jail time after one year’s failure to pay and remaining in jail until a payment plan is agreed on, with any failure to meet this plan resulting in a return to jail; and allowing municipalities to seize those properties after a year, and placing them for sale free and clear, with the owner in arrears and ineligible to repurchase the property.

I also hope properties in the Washington and McGuffey school districts are reassessed first and their taxes are raised first before the rest of us, as they seem to really need the money, while the rest of our schools are OK.

George Dawes



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