Where was Washington County?

August 27, 2013

I drove 50 miles Saturday to see the Wounded Warriors play softball. There were two great games, the thunderous roar of motorcycle escorts, a police dog demonstration and wonderful Chinese auction baskets. The only thing missing were people. The bleachers were disgustingly empty, and most of the spectators left after the Wounded Warriors played against the corrections officers of SCI-Greene.

Shame on you, Washington County. Where were you to support these brave young men? Some service personnel gave everything. These men gave one or more of their limbs. Thanks to modern-day prosthesis, at least one aspect of their lives has been restored with a lot of effort. And where was Washington County to support them, to encourage them, to uplift them? Oh yeah, they were exercising their freedom to do whatever they felt like doing Saturday.

If these fine boys return next year, I hope the county will support them. Yes, it requires a bit more effort than sticking a flag in your yard or on your car, but you will be rewarded many times over with the good feeling you’ll leave with. I’m sure the Warriors’ bat boy will remember the experience the rest of his life. Maybe he’ll be motivated to serve his country, be a doctor or work with prosthetics.

Diane Johnson



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