Government by gas, for gas

August 27, 2013

Anyone who believes our individual vote will influence government direction need only read the front page of Thursday’s Observer-Reporter to realize otherwise.

North Strabane Township Planning Commission could not vote on an application for a well pad on account of three of the four commissioners having personal business with Range Resources. Outside influence on 75 percent of a voting body would suggest Range did its job well. The current advertising slogan for Range Resources, “Drilling Is Just The Beginning,” is not correct; the beginning was the initial contact made with our elected officials at all levels by the Marcellus Shale operators.

One only has to drive on Floral Hill Drive in South Strabane Township to witness a new well pad directly adjacent to magnificent residential homes on one side and a park on the other to observe how our governments are representing us in these matters.

J.R. Morton

Eighty Four

Government by gas, for gas


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