: Police beat Aug. 29

August 28, 2013


Windows broken: Alan D. Morris, of 3246 Constitution Boulevard, told state police Friday that two windows were broken on his camper.


Key fobs stolen: Michael S. Lesock, 2714 S Bridge Road, Buffalo, told state police Tuesday that two key fobs were stolen from his unlocked vehicle. Anyone with information on the theft is asked to call state police at 724-223-5200.

Generator stolen: Bobbi Jo Durbin, of 2930 Green Valley Road, Buffalo, told state police Friday that a generator was stolen from her shed.

Chainsaw, can stolen: A chainsaw and 5-gallon gasoline can were reported stolen Thursday from an unlocked state Department of Transportation truck parked at 483 Highland Ridge Road, Buffalo, state police said.


Theft, receiving charges: Lawrence Papini, 18, of California, was arrested Tuesday by California police on charges of theft and receiving stolen property for allegedly stealing a necklace valued at $5,000 from a home on Fourth Street earlier this month and selling it at a California pawn shop for $150. He was arraigned before District Judge Joshua Kanalis and placed in Washington County jail on $25,000 bond.


Bicycle stolen: Randall Ray Sr., of 25 Van Eman St., told Canonsburg police Tuesday that his son’s black and gold Tony Hawk bicycle was stolen from under his deck.

Home burglarized: Corey and Ryan Zavada, of 535 Franklin Ave., told Canonsburg police Tuesday that a laptop computer, camera, watch iPad and ring were stolen from their home in a burglary. A rear window was found open in the house.


Copper stolen: State police said 3,000 feet of copper wire was stolen Monday from a building under construction, owned by Pole Star Benefit Society at 849 Meadowcroft Road, Independence. Anyone with information is asked to call state police at 724-223-5200.


Jewelry, medication stolen: Karen Wonder told North Strabane police Tuesday that a wedding ring and prescription medication were stolen from the home of her parents, Gerard and Maureen Hamilton, Linden Vue Drive.


Storage trailer entered: A laser level, tripod stand, rod eye and grade stick were reported stolen Friday from a storage trailer owned by Mac Bracey Corp., 20 Old Plank Road, South Franklin, state police said.


One injured: Donald Earley Jr., 41, of 1275 Lagonda Road, South Franklin Township, was injured Thursday when his Waste Management truck hit a parked oversized tractor-trailer on East Maiden Street near Waynesburg Road, South Strabane police said. Earley was taken to Washington Hospital for treatment.


Car parts stolen: Douglas St. Clair, 890 West Finley Road, West Finley, told state police Saturday that vehicle rims, radiator, catalytic converter, batteries and a generator were stolen from his property.



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