A “beautiful building” going unused

September 2, 2013

Sometimes you have to hand it to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

On the one hand, they’re tearing down perfectly sound homes in the northern part of Washington County to make way for the Southern Beltway, a highway connecting Pittsburgh International Airport with I-79, though no one should bet large sums that it will actually be constructed in our lifetime.

At the same time, they’ve erected a $3.4 million storage facility in North Bethlehem Township for a new state police barracks that is years behind schedule and locked in a “design phase” purgatory. As a result, the 9,000-square-foot structure, meant to hold lockers, impounded vehicles and evidence, will sit empty until further notice.

In the Aug. 22 edition, state police Lt. Dan Hines noted that taxpayers have seen the building as they’ve traveled along Route 519 “and expect to see us there.” Instead of state troopers utilizing the structure, however, the property has primarily served as a fertile ground for weeds. At the very least, a maintenance crew was due to be sent to the site to kill and pull some of them.

Hines added, “It’s unfortunate. It’s a beautiful building.”

We can only hope that by the time the new state police barracks is built, the storage facility adjacent to it will not be outmoded and need to be torn down.



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