Police seek information on gas thefts in Greene and Fayette

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State police are seeking information on a group of people who allegedly used a stolen Fayette County credit card to purchase more than $31,000 in fuel at Pacific Pride service stations in Greene and Fayette counties.

The credit card was reported missing by an employee of the Fayette County Public Works Department in April 2012, but apparently as a result of an oversight was never canceled by the department, said Trooper Thomas Broadwater of the Uniontown Barracks, the investigating officer.

The card was used to purchase more than 9,000 gallons of unleaded and diesel fuel between April 2012 and May 2013 at service stations, including the Pacific Pride station on High Street in Waynesburg, Broadwater said.

The suspects racked up charges totaling $31,173.46 during the 13-month period.

State police released surveillance photographs from the stations showing the suspects filling up using the card. Different people appear in the photographs and at least six people are seen using the card, Broadwater said.

The credit card was used to fill both cars and pickup trucks. In one of the photographs, two men are seen filling up six, 55-gallon drums in the bed of a gray pickup truck. None of the photographs came from the station in Waynesburg.

The card had been assigned to a truck in the public works department’s recycling program. In June, the department head noticed the entire fuel budget for the recycling program had been drained and contacted police, Broadwater said.

Police hope the release of the photographs will provide information leading to an arrest.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Fayette County Crime Stoppers at 888-404-8477 or crimestoppersfayette@gmail.com or the Uniontown barracks at 724-439-7111.

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