Drilling would damage peace and quiet

Drilling would damage peace and quiet

September 7, 2013

I am writing about the proposed gas well site on Malone Ridge Road in Canton Township. I grew up on the road and moved back here eight years ago to raise my boys. It’s an idyllic little neighborhood with plenty of wilderness, nature and peace and quiet.

This is why I have grave concerns for the health and welfare of our neighborhood and its residents. One only need drive out past the end of Malone Ridge Road to see and hear the impact of these industrial eyesores. I understand the windfall the gas industry has provided to this region. But with over 700 sites, they do not need this one, which is so close to so many homes. No one wants to live next to one of these sites.

I took my sons camping the other weekend in our woods, like I had done so many times as a boy, and was deeply disturbed to hear the peace and quiet I was accustomed to tainted by the sounds of the natural gas industry in the distance. I know money talks but this neighborhood will change forever with this site too close to too many.

Gary Johnson



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