Fossil fuels must be part of energy equation

Fossil fuels must be part of energy equation

September 8, 2013

I have been reading articles about energy since the closing of the Hatsfield’s Ferry Power Station near Masontown was announced and I need to get in my two cents worth.

First of all, fossil fuels must be the energy source for the immediate future. Anyone who believes that renewable sources of energy will meet the needs for the world in the near future is living in a fantasy world. It is not going to happen.

As for Jim Greenwood’s letter in the Wednesday edition, he suggests we use “clean” energy sources, including hydrogen. Where is going to get the hydrogen? GetGo? Granted, we have a lot of hydrogen on the Earth, but it is all tied up with oxygen in water and it takes energy – usually electricity – to separate the two. Where will Greenwood get the electricity? Solar? That should get him to the mall a couple of times a month. Wind? It does not blow all the time, and has anyone considered the environmental impact of changing the way the wind blows? And if we burn hydrogen in the typical internal combustion engine, we will still produce oxides of carbon and nitrogen because they will be sucked into the cylinder during the combustion process. We could solve that by making the system closed, but then we would also need to haul hydrogen around.

The problems associated with energy are numerous and we need to investigate ways to make fossil fuels more acceptable because they are readily available. For those who believe this is not their problem, just try to remember the last time you lost electricity because of a storm. Would the people who take strong positions against fossil fuels be willing to give up all their appliances or computers that they use in their homes or at work? I think not.

There are risks to every form of energy, but we need to evaluate those risks and try to find the technology to reduce them. I believe that fossil fuels must be part of the energy equation. My position is based in reality.

Clyde Clendaniel



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