LWV preparing voters guide

September 12, 2013

The League of Women Voters of Washington County is preparing its nonpartisan Voters Guide for the Nov. 5 election. The guide will be available in Washington County papers the week of Oct. 28 and will include information from candidates. The guide will also be on-line at washingtoncounty.palwv.org for voters to check at their convenience.

The LWV of Washington County has set the following policy for inclusion of candidates in the Voters Guide and other voter service activities. Offices covered by the guide this year are Washington County sheriff, recorder of deeds, and controller, Superior Court judge, Washington County Court of Common Pleas judge, and magisterial district judges, and all positions for school director in Washington County school districts.

Letters have already gone out to all the candidates on the ballot. Write-in candidates for the offices covered will be included if they give the League written notification by Monday describing how they meet two or more of the following criteria: public or media announcement of candidacy; existence of a campaign committee; evidence of fundraising or planned activity for campaign; or demonstration of significant voter interest and support. The burden of proof for meeting these criteria rests with the candidate. If candidates are accepted for inclusion in the Voters Guide, they will also be included in any other LWV voter service activities for their office.

Candidates conducting write-in campaigns may apply for inclusion by contacting Nancy Speer at nancy@speerco.com or 724-941-4278 by the deadline.



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