Quilting for a cause

McQuilters’ Civil War quilt to benefit Heritage Library

  • By Sylvia Cavallo
    For the Observer-Reporter
September 14, 2013
The McQuilters made a Civil War quilt that is being raffled to raise money for the roof fund at Heritage Public Library in McDonald.

You can’t help but smile as you listen to the laughter and the banter among the 10 McQuilters, a group that has been making raffle quilts for Heritage Public Library and other charitable organizations since 2001.

The most recent quilt created by the McQuilters is a red, white and blue Civil War-pattern quilt that was designed specifically for the library’s recent Civil War re-enactment. Proceeds from raffle ticket sales, which will continue through November, will be donated to the library to help fund a new roof that is needed before winter. The goal for each quilt raffled is about $1,000.

“We are so appreciative of the work these ladies do for us,” said Pat Wyrick, president of Friends of the Library. “The quilts they design are beautiful and such an important addition to many of our efforts to keep the library running and in shape. Since our funding has been cut so much, help from organizations like the McQuilters is so important to us.”

The McQuilters meet twice a month: once at the library, where they design and sew quilts and other items to donate to a variety of people and organizations, and once at the home of one of the 10 members. McQuilters include Jan Senovich, Linda Davidson, Libby Eckenrod, Shirl Krenn, Betty McWreath, Phyllis Sembler, Mary Snyder, Georgie Turk, Linda Watson and Kathy Wolff .

“We just love each other,” said Senovich of Imperial, who hosted the last at-home get-together in late August.

“Many of us didn’t know each other before we started quilting together, but we bonded quickly,” she said. “They are all wonderful ladies. We share everything. We laugh. We eat. We talk. And we have lots of fun together. We have show and tell, bounce ideas off of each other, and if one of us gets stuck on a design, together we always find a way to solve it.”

There are no leaders in the McQuilters, which was started by Davidson in 2001. They consider themselves to be equals, and all decisions are made must be unanimous.

The McQuilters make quilts of all sizes, including lap quilts, baby quilts, king-sized quilts and table-runners, that are donated to those who are ill, the military, cancer patients and family members who have lost a loved one.

They collectively agree the most meaningful quilt was one they completed for a friend whose mother passed away.

“Her mother had started a quilt and had not been able to finish it,” Krenn said. “So we completed the quilt for her and presented it to her. She was so touched and appreciative. Those are the moments that stick out most in our minds.”

“We can’t wait until we meet again,” Turk said. “We hug each other and get so much joy out of each other’s company. We can’t even describe to you how great it is to be part of this group.”

To purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win the Civil War quilt, visit Heritage Public Library, 52 Fourth St., McDonald. For more information, call the library at 724-926-8400.



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