Playing sweet music at The Music House

  • By Chelsea Dicks
    For the Observer-Reporter
September 21, 2013
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Photo courtesy Alejandro Pinzon
Dr. Frank Hughes and his daughter, Hannah, seem to enjoy the sounds coming from the violin. Both are students of Alejandro Pinzon.
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Photo courtesy Alejandro Pinzon
Victoria Worek prepares to give a piano lesson to Rainey Block.
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Alejandro Pinzon, a lecturer in music at Waynesburg University, drew on his love of music, especially the violin, and established The Music House in Waynesburg.

WAYNESBURG – Waynesburg has a new addition to the multiple attractions this small rural town has to offer.

With the loss of Waynesburg Press and other small businesses in the area, local and county officials welcomed the idea of a musical attraction called The Music House.

The man behind the idea is Alejandro Pinzon, lecturer of music at Waynesburg University.

“I came here (from Mexico)to be a professor of music because I play the violin and they were enlarging the music program,” said Pinzon. “But then I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we had something for the whole community.”

One of the first things Pinzon noticed when he first moved here was the lack of options for people interested in learning a musical instrument.

“When I moved here, I started having a lot of people coming up to me and asking for lessons in violin because I was the only one who could offer that to them,” said Pinzon.

He was surprised to learn public schools didn’t offer string instruction.

“For people to find a teacher in this area, they would have to drive all the way into Pittsburgh or Morgantown, and that is where the idea began,” Pinzon said. “I wanted to save people that time, that money, that gas, and have something closer to home.”

Pinzon realized that instead of making The Music House a dream, he would make it a goal. It’s now a reality.

The Music House, at 35 S. West St., opened its doors this month. The business offers lessons to anyone. Instructors are experienced professionals who are passionate about music, and committed to the education of the fine arts.

Lessons are available for a variety of instruments, including violin, clarinet, banjo, piano, organ, guitar and voice. He also said that if someone from the community is interested in an instrument that they do not offer, they will try to add the instrument to their list of available lessons.

The Music House plans on having recitals for all students.

“I want people to have a relationship with the music,” Pinzon said.

Pinzon said that he plans on decorating the store with different instruments and original paintings done by friends and colleagues.

“I want to make it a real artistic place where people can come and enjoy the arts,” Pinzon said.

He believes he has established a relaxed environment for students and parents. He provides a sit-down area with coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Pinzon stressed that The Music House is meant for all ages.

“It is scientifically proven that music helps your mind, your memory and your coordination, especially in younger children,” he said.

He is the former music director and conductor of the Morgantown Community Orchestra, former conductor of the Latin American Choir of Pittsburgh and former assistant conductor of the WVU Symphony Orchestra. Pinzon has been teaching music, strings and conducting ensembles at Waynesburg University since 2010.

Pinzon said he is proud of the response he has received and believes The Music House is now a part of the Waynesburg community.

“I want to see growth in the interest of music and I want to see the music scene grow in the county and hopefully bring people closer together,” Pinzon said.

For more information visit or call 724-914-0346.



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