Senior bowling results announced

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Greene County Senior Bowling League

Results of the matches Sept. 25 at the Meadowlands Lanes, Washington, have been announced:

• Just A Swinging won four games from the Happy Bunch. Karen Skelley bowled a 151 high game and a 437 high series for Just A Swinging. Bob Jackson bowled a 132 high game and a 351 high series for the Happy Bunch.

• Rolling Fours won three games and lost one to the Easy Rollers. Ray Davis bowled a 190 high game and a 472 high series for the Rolling Fours. Carl Hoy bowled a 199 high game and a 492 high series for Easy Rollers.

• Awesome Bunch won four games from the Firecrackers. Don Lindley bowled a 183 high game and a 510 high series for the Awesome Bunch. Bill Cox bowled a 152 high game and a 407 high series for the Firecrackers.

• Hardly Able won four games from Greene Acres. George Wilmer bowled a 170 high game and a 461 high series for Hardly Able. Randy Skelley bowled a 146 high game and a 418 high series for Greene Acres.

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