Arrest warrant issued in child pornography case

Photo of Tara Kinsell
By Tara Kinsell
Former Staff Writer

WAYNESBURG – An arrest warrant has been issued for a Washington Township man charged with disseminating photos of children engaged in sexual acts and possessing child pornography.

State police brought the charges against Aaron Feikema, 35, of 565 Washington Road, Waynesburg, after police were able to trace activity to his computer.

On May 11, the monitoring system for an Internet chat site captured screenshots of a video chat conversation that showed a child between the ages of 5 and 7 engaged in sexual acts with an adult male. This chat site is free to users and allows them to communicate anonymously via text chatting or video conferencing without registering.

The website reported the incident to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which designated it a cybertip and transmitted the information to the Internet Crimes Against Children task force. The ICAC referred it to the state police that determined the IP address for the user was located in the Windstream communications network.

Police obtained a court order to direct Windstream to provide them with the address of the customer who was registered to that IP address.

On May 24, Cpl. John Roche of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Computer Crime Unit, searched Feikema’s residence. According to the criminal complaint filed with Greene County Magisterial District Judge Lou Dayich, Roche seized several computers and related items. Roche interviewed Feikema at the residence and he allegedly admitted to downloading, possessing and distributing child pornography via the Internet. Roche said Feikema provided the specific location to a laptop computer where images and videos of child pornography would be located.

According to the complaint, Roche examined the seized computers and found more than 500 files containing child pornography. Roche said these included approximately 492 images and approximately 32 videos, including images of prepubescent children engaging in various sex acts with other children and adults.

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