“Bucco babies” cheer on Pirates

By Deana Carpenter
Staff writer
Deana Carpenter/The Almanac
Cayleigh Elizabeth Deak of Venetia, born Oct. 4, sports her Pirates gear.

Babies born in the past week at St. Clair Hospital in Mt. Lebanon have already been showing their Pittsburgh pride and supporting the Pirates during the playoffs.

The newborns brightened up the nursery in their Pirates onesies, red bandanas and eye patches. Mini baseball bats were placed in their cribs and Pirates banners decorated the nursery.

The “Bucco Babies,” as they are being called by hospital staff, are part of a generation that did not have to endure the 21-year playoff drought.

“She’s a 20-year baby,” said new dad Ron Deak of Venetia. He and his wife welcomed a girl, Cayleigh Elizabeth, the morning of Oct. 4. Deak was all smiles and taking pictures of his little girl in her Pirates gear.

“It’s great,” he said. Deak especially liked the eye patches that nurse Mary Jane Bastyr made for the babies.

Audrey Liu, daughter of Cuong Liu and Yen Chau of Houston, also sported a Pirates outfit in the nursery.

“I’m a big Pirates fan,” Cuong Liu said.

Linda McIntyre, director of Women and Childcare Services at St. Clair, is hoping the Pirates continue to win so the Pirate-themed baby gear can continue.

She said the parents and staff are “having a great time” with it.

McIntyre also hopes the Pirates continue to do well in the future.

“We hope to keep this going year after year,” she said.