Homicide trial set for first week of November in Greene

October 25, 2013
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Jason Roe leaves a district judge’s office after he was arrested for escaping from the Greene County Jail this summer.
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Lana Roe is being led into court for a hearing last year.

WAYNESBURG – Jury selection in the criminal homicide trial of husband and wife, Jason William Roe, 33, and Lana Kay Roe, 41, of 65 Main St., Daisytown, will begin Nov. 4 in Greene County Court.

A hearing was held Friday before Greene County President Judge William Nalitz to address any final matters prior to jury selection.

The Roes are both charged with criminal homicide in the death of Cordele Edward Patterson, 38, of Grindstone, Aug. 14, 2012, in Wayne Township. Jason Roe faces an additional charge of aggravated homicide.

On the day of the homicide, Southwest Regional Police responded to a call that a female with a gunshot wound had arrived at a residence at 113 Hoy Run Road, Spraggs. Police said Lana Roe drove herself to that location in a white Jeep after being shot. According to the criminal complaint, she told police the shooting occurred in a cabin about a half mile north of Rudolph Run Road where she last saw the person who shot her. She said it was her husband.

In the interim, state police received a call of a man with a gun at a cabin on Strawn Hill Road. When they arrived at the cabin and looked inside, they did not initially see anyone. After obtaining a search warrant, they located Patterson behind a futon, who was pronounced dead at the scene by Greene County Coroner Gregory Rohanna.

When Jason Roe was not located in or around the cabin, police issued an alert. Acting on a tip, West Virginia State Police located him and brought him in for questioning.

Lana Roe was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, where she was treated and released for a head wound. She was subsequently arrested by police Aug. 24, 2012, and charged as an accomplice in the homicide.

During questioning, Lana Roe allegedly told police her husband woke her at their home Aug. 14 after he returned from his grandmother’s house in Spraggs. Lana Roe said they then went to Patterson’s trailer where Jason Roe told her he found items stolen from them. They then drove to Dry Tavern to purchase a shotgun, according to police. Lana Roe then said she drove her husband to the cabin on Strawn Hill Road where they had gone many times before to target shoot.

Lana Roe said they arrived at the cabin and her husband told her to go inside and wake Patterson. She did not elaborate on how they knew he was there. She said she woke Patterson and told him to follow her outside. After proceeding down a path she said she told him to stop, according to police. Lana Roe said that was when she heard shots being fired and she was hit by a bullet. She allegedly told police she then went to their vehicle, got out a 9mm pistol, and began firing in the direction of Patterson.

Four days prior to the shooting Lana Roe reported a burglary to state police in Belle Vernon. She alleged that Patterson stole guns from the Roe residence. During the police interview Aug. 24, she admitted selling two of the guns reported stolen prior to reporting the burglary, police said.

At his preliminary arraignment, Jason Roe, told the court he was shooting at a man behind his wife when he accidently struck her. He said he had seen a man looking out of the window of the cabin and heard gunshots. Roe said he shot Patterson in self-defense.

According to state police, Jason Roe told them he saw Patterson coming out of the cabin and shot at him from the top of the driveway before running down the path and past his wife. He said he then continued to chase Patterson into the cabin where he fired one round from a shotgun, striking him in the shoulder, police said. They said Roe told them Patterson then spun around, fell behind the futon, and he leaned over and fired another round.

Jason Roe is being held in Greene County jail. He was free several hours June 22 after he and another prison, Rocco Iacovone, escaped by flipping a picnic table end-to-end and using it as a ladder to scale the security fence. They were apprehended in a field off Garards Fort Road.

Lana Roe is being held in Washington County jail.

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