The goal should be fairer taxation

October 26, 2013

I believe Wesley Graham, a project supervisor for Tyler Technologies, is being honest about the property tax reassessment in Washington County. He has pointed out how homes with similar prices have drastically different assessments and that is the main reason Washington and McGuffey school districts pushed for a reassessment these last few years.

None of us want higher taxes, just the opportunity to pay fairer taxes. If one looks at all taxes – property, wage, sales and others – which of these can be said to be the fairest of all?

In my opinion, none.

Considering homes, buildings and land are pretty stable and reliable, the property tax was enacted and permitted to be used by all taxing authorities, except the state.

In the early years of the last century, education was very important, but taxes were lower. Actually, the school superintendent was a county employee, overseeing all school districts. The cities had small police departments and individual municipalities may have had a constable. Firemen were mostly volunteers.

By the 1950s, the communities changed. The need to increase services was evident. Taxpayers faced higher property taxes, but more revenues were needed.

I’m not promoting this reassessment but understand why we have taxes and point the finger at those who are responsible to help achieve fairer taxation, that being our state legislators and governor. It is time they find a solution.

Joann Diesel


The goal should be fairer taxation


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