We need to fight for clean air

We need to fight for clean air

November 9, 2013

Too many people are being diagnosed with lung cancer every day – those who smoke, and those who don’t. It’s heartbreaking. We, as a society, need to be advocates for cleaner, healthier air to breathe and help people quit smoking, and make sure children never start.

Healthy clean air is a sure way to prevent people from getting lung disease – air that is free from pollution and tobacco smoke.

Last year, I lost my dad to lung cancer. No one should have to experience what we went through before he died. He had to have a lung removed. In addition to that, his voice box was bruised, and he could not speak. He had to make several hospital visits because he wasn’t able to breathe properly. When he was healthy, he was able to attend the baseball games of my sons. Towards the end of his life, he had to be carried in and out of a wheelchair. We can all start by supporting our local American Lung Association chapter. Their programs are invaluable in the fight for clean air.

Bonnie LaPlace



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