Europe should rise to Germany’s level

November 11, 2013

I found the column by Paul Krugman in the Friday Observer-Reporter to show the true liberal (sorry, progressive) philosophy of how we should all behave.

It seems Krugman believes Germany is not playing fair because their trade balance with the rest of Europe is in Germany’s favor and they should stop being so good at what they make. He used China as an example, and noted that their imbalance in trade was due to their undervalued currency. Germany has no undervalued currency – they use the euro, just like the rest of Europe. Krugman seems to have a problem with telling the rest of Europe to just get better and compete and stop expecting Germany to dumb down their economy so everyone else looks better.

If progressives think you make too much money, they want to take it and give to others so they feel good, rather than expecting them to do better on their own.

George Dawes



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