Sorry, we’re not on a first-name basis

November 11, 2013

I extend kudos, also, to others who don’t like being called “honey” at inappropriate places by inappropriate people. Anyway, I thought “honey” went on biscuits, or is a dog’s name.

To add to this list, another inappropriate and intrusive “pleasantry” happens at checkout stations of one of our major department stores. After providing payment for my purchases, the clerk behind the register looked at the name on my credit card, addressed me by my first name, and expressed her concern as to whether or not I had found everything I needed. The first time I experienced this, I thought it was someone I was supposed to know, possibly from my past. When assuring her that I had all that I needed, she proceeded with the transaction and thanked me, using my first name again.

Was she 20? I think so. But then, on another occasion, an elderly clerk did the exact same thing at the same store. It could be management directing its employees to call patrons by our first names, attempting to create a cozy and warm environment as we spend our money in that store.

In a department store checkout, if you don’t know me, I find it intrusive and uncomfortable to be addressed by my first name while I am being thanked. No matter what age the clerk, if we don’t know each other, I am “ Mrs.,” “Miss,” or “Ms.” I do know that I was brought up to address, in formal style, those I didn’t know, no matter where I was.

Joyce A. Griffith

North Strabane


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