PennDOT work schedule announced

November 22, 2013

WAYNESBURG – Greene County Maintenance Manager Jerome Simkovic announced the following tentative work plan for the week of Nov. 25. All maintenance activities are conducted on a weather-permitting basis. Motorists should drive with caution throughout all work areas and be alert for signed work zones requiring the usage of headlights.

The schedule is as follows:

• Concrete pipe replacement activities and the bridge closure operations continue on Route 221, Lippencott Road (Morgan Township). Road remains closed. Drain cleaning and shoulder stabilization will continue along Route 221, Lippencott Road from the community of Ruff Creek to the Washington County line (Morgan Township).

• Manual brush and tree cutting will take place on Route 218, Smith Creek Road (Franklin and Wayne Township).

• Patching activities and spot milling will continue on Route 88 from the Point Marion Bridge (Dunkard Township) to the Paisley Intersection with Route 21 (Cumberland Township).

• Boom mowing will be conducted on Route 2017, Carmichaels and Garards Fort Road (Greene and Cumberland Township).

• Bridge replacement operations will be conducted on Route 18, Golden Oaks Road (Freeport Township), near the community of New Freeport. Traffic is restricted to one lane and controlled by traffic signal. Note: This site is permitted for 11-foot wide clearance maximums.

• Shoulder sink hole repairs and cleaning of cross pipes will be conducted on Route 18, Browns Creek Road (Morris Township) and Golden Oaks Road (Center Township).

• Roadway surveys will be conducted and signs will be updated, downed signs will be replaced and concerns will be addressed on various other state roads throughout the county.

• Shoulder side dozing operations will begin on Route 3006, Dunkard Creek Road from Route 3008, Bloody Run Road and Jollytown Road (Gilmore Township) to Route 3009, Toms Run Road (Wayne Township).

• Side dozing operations will take place on Route 3011, Hargus Creek Road (Center Township).

• Manual and Roscoe spray patching will take place on Route 2009, Mt. Morris and Davistown Road (Perry Township).

• Major slide repair is scheduled for Route 3022, Bristoria Road (Richhill Township).

PennDOT has a 24-hour toll free number for residents to call to report any road maintenance concerns. The number is 1-800-FIX ROAD (1-800-349-7623).

Be aware of an increase in white-tail deer activity throughout the entire roadway grid in Greene County. Last year, more than 350 deer were struck and killed in Greene County. Throughout the state, 4,855 deer were struck on state highways, resulting in 14 fatalities to vehicle occupants.

To report locations of dead deer for removal from state highways in Greene County, call 724-627-6131. This will be the final travel advisory of work scheduled until April 2014, when highway maintenance activities will continue and winter snow removal operations will terminate.



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